Classes are limited to 10-15 people to allow our trainers to give more one-on-one attention to our athletes.

Small classes ensure that members are learning and executing the movements correctly and safely. They run about 1 hour…sometimes less but never more. Expect to stretch, warm up, participate in either a skill or a strength and then the fun starts…the WOD (Workout of the Day)!

We should also make a point that there is nothing like a class setting for these workouts.

If you have never been in this type of environment, we strongly recommend you see what it’s really all about!! There is such a sense of camaraderie and members truly want each other to succeed. The last person still moving and pushing through is the person who is being cheered on the loudest! It’s something you need to see and experience in person!

What we can guarantee for you is that you WILL see results, whether you have been working out for years somewhere else or have never lifted a weight in your life. It will take some time, hard work and determination on your part, but as long as you reach YOUR level of intensity every day you walk into the box…you will see results. To help achieve your goals, we do recommend eating a (relatively) clean diet at home to nourish your body the correct way and help you perform better in the gym. You can check out our “Nutrition” tab on our website for some great recipes and ideas!