1. Train safely.

    Safety is our #1 priority so please keep that in mind when you are in the gym.

  2. Please do not eat on the gym floor.

  3. Respect the coaches and let THEM coach.

  4. Be prepared to work hard and to push others to work hard.

    When you lift, lift heavy! Go hard! Scream at your friends to push, too! Be proud of every extra pound you get, whether its 5lb or 50lbs. You worked for it and it will show on the bar, so be proud of yourself!

  5. Leave your ego at the door.

    We are all here to make a difference in our life, there is no room for big attitudes

  6. Do not begin cleaning up or putting your weights away until EVERYONE is finished WODing.

    If you are finished, go cheer on your buddies…that’s what CrossFit is all about!

  7. If you spot a new face in class, introduce yourself and make them feel like they are part of our community.

    Remember that at one time, that was you.

  8. Please remember to bring you own equipment.

    This includes tape, wrist wraps and shoes.

  9. No whining!

    Your state of mind will not only affect you but it will also affect others, bring a positive attitude and get ready to achieve results!