CrossFit the Flats is dedicated to its members and helping them to become healthier, fitter and stronger.

We strive to create an environment that is not only full of strength and power but, more importantly, personal records and accomplishments.

We want our members to be excited to come back and see what they can do the following day, week or month. Here at CrossFit The Flats, we love seeing our members get the results they’ve been searching and striving for. We want our box and its members to have the mentality that they are here to work hard and lift heavy but never to forget to have fun and enjoy the community they are a part of. There’s nothing like walking into the box after a hard day’s work and having another member ask you how your day was or how your child’s first day at school was – that’s the sense of community and camaraderie that sets CrossFit apart from other gyms and we couldn’t be more proud to offer that to people.

So, come in, try a free class, and see what it’s really all about.